A Detailed Guide to Online Gambling in the Netherlands

Online gambling is popular in the Netherlands, despite the fact that the government makes gambling online as difficult as they can. But what exactly are the rules that try to prevent Dutch gamblers from playing online? Keep reading to find out the answers, as well as answers to a whole host of other important questions…

Is Online Gambling Legal in the Netherlands?

The online gambling laws in the Netherlands are slightly strange, as Dutch residents are allowed to gamble online, providing they use a casino based in the Netherlands. There’s a problem though, as the Dutch government has not handed out any licences at all to any online casinos, therefore, from a legal standpoint, making it impossible for people to play. It is possible to legally places bets on sport in the Netherlands though, but only at one site.

The Dutch parliament has recently voted to amend the gambling laws though, which will allow offshore companies to apply for licences to operate within the country. Providing the bill passes the Senate, it is hoped that these licences will be issued from 2017. Even if the new law does not come into force, Dutch players will still continue to play at offshore sites, with the knowledge that they are highly unlikely to be prosecuted for doing so.

Are Online Gambling Winnings Taxable?

The amount of tax that gamblers have to pay is incredibly high, and is designed to discourage people from gambling online. So, if you win €454 or more, you’ll have to pay tax equivalent to 29% of your winnings. There is no tax for those winning less than €454 though. Those who win money at an offshore gaming site should technically report their winnings on a gaming tax return – whether many players do this is another question though.

It was hoped that the new laws being proposed would reduce the tax for online gamblers down to 20%, however this now doesn’t seem to be likely. This is because Holland Casino – the owner of all of the land-based casinos in the country – objected to online casino players having a lower tax rate than their own players. There are plans to reduce the tax to 25% over a three year period though.

How Dutch Players Make Deposits at Online Casinos

Despite the regulations surrounding online casinos in the Netherlands, it is still easy for Dutch players to make deposits. This is because the Dutch government asked the country’s major banks to stop processing payments to online casinos, however all of the banks refused their request. So, credit/debit card deposits are easy to make, and are used by the majority of players.

Because the Netherlands uses the Euro, it is also possible for Dutch players to play at online casinos using their own currency. Simply select the option to deposit using Euros when at the banking screen at your preferred online casino.

The Best Software for Dutch Players

Players in the Netherlands have full access to all of the best games, from all of the world’s top software producers. Nearly all can be played directly via a browser, and many can also be downloaded. The best software for you really depends on your own personal preferences.

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