A Comprehensive Overview of Online Gambling in Italy

Gambling has been around in Italy for centuries, and nowadays Italians are still keen to gamble, with many people heading to online casinos and other online gambling sites every day. To help you stay informed, we’ve produced this page outlining many important aspects of the Italian online gambling landscape.

Is Online Gambling Legal in Italy?

For a long time, gambling in Italy was technically illegal, however recent changes have ensured that the practice of gambling online is now completely legal in the country. This change came after the EU started proceedings against Italy, stating that the Italian legislation was illegal. The changes in the law now means that most forms of online gambling are legal in Italy, and that online casinos and other gambling sites can now obtain a licence to provide services to Italian people.

Thanks to the changes in the law, Italians are now some of the biggest gamblers in Europe, especially when it comes to playing online poker. What’s more, Italians do not need to pay tax on winnings, as the next section explains…

Are Online Gambling Winnings Taxable?

In most cases, individual players are not required to pay tax on their winnings in Italy, which is clearly a good thing for players. The only players who do have to pay taxes are professional poker players, who are obliged to declare their winnings as income. It has recently been decided that the Italian government’s attempts to collect taxes on money won by Italian poker players outside the EU was unlawful though.

As in many countries, licenced sites offering online gambling to Italian players do have to pay taxes to the Italian government though. This means that players are indirectly hit by tax, as the tax expenses incurred by the sites are invariably passed on to their players. The taxes aren’t as high as in some other countries though, such as France.

How Italian Players Make Deposits at Online Casinos

Italian players have no restrictions placed on them when it comes to depositing money at an online casino, meaning that everything from credit/debit cards through to e-wallets are commonly used to add money to gambling accounts. Like nearly everywhere though, depositing using a credit/debit card is the most popular choice, and is one accepted at the vast majority of sites accepting Italian players.

It is possible to play using Euros at most online gambling sites, especially ones that have received a licence to operate in Italy. If Euros aren’t already selected as the primary currency, simply make the selection when on the casino’s banking screen.

The Best Software for Italian Players

Italian players are lucky, as the proliferation of different online casinos available to them means that they can play pretty much every game created by online casino software producers. Slots players generally prefer the games made by Microgaming, BetSoft and Playtech though, while fans of table games will find that all pieces of software from the different companies are generally quite similar, and that they all offer loads of fun and excitement.